About China Aid Blog


China Aid Blog was established by Marina Rudyak and is part of her ongoing PhD dissertation project on Chinese foreign aid and China’s role(s) in international development. To most observers, Chinese aid is still a black box, not least because of the Chinese government’s alleged secrecy when it comes to publishing the numbers and details of its aid projects. But, if you can read Chinese, the box suddenly appears much less black then if you don’t. There is in fact a very vivid and controversial debate about Chinese aid in the Chinese public sphere and a substantial body official, semi-official and academic sources. In the spirit of open knowledge, the aim of this blog is to make this debate accessible to observers and analysts of Chinese aid – through translations and summaries particularly to those who don’t read Chinese. This also means, if you come across a relevant source you would like to share here, please send it to mail@china-aid-blog.com. 

The Editor

Marina Rudyak is a Sinologist and development expert. She is presently a lecturer and PhD researcher at the Institute for Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University, Germany, and a freelance policy consultant on China and Development. Prior to returning to Germany in 2014, she was a long term program manager for the German development cooperation agency Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Beijing, implementing a policy advisory and capacity building program on sustainable regional economic integration between China and neighboring countries. Marina studied at Heidelberg University and Shanghai International Studies University and holds an MA in Chinese Studies and Public Law. She is fluent in German, Chinese, English and Russian. She tweets, mostly about Chinese Aid, @RudyakMarina.