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Is China considering joining the Paris Club?

02/03/2023 ChinaAidBlog 0

Is China considering joining the Paris Club? The short answer is: no. Below is how CIDCA’s vice-chairman Zhou Lijun 周柳军 responded to this question, posed at a press conference by Bloomberg, in October 2021 (original article here): China is currently […]

8 Things to Know About CIDCA

18/12/2018 ChinaAidBlog 0

1. What is CIDCA’s mandate compared to MOFCOM’s previous mandate? CIDCA’s mandate goes beyond MOFCOM mandate. In contrast to MOFCOM previously, it will be also in charge of developing aid strategies, drafting aid laws and doing aid related research (though […]

Chinese provincial companies see foreign aid as shortcut to overseas markets under Belt and Road

18/12/2017 ChinaAidBlog 0

China’s development finance models links aid with trade and investment.  One of the core aspects of China’s “win-win” approach is that aid should also help Chinese enterprises internationalize. A (WeChat) press release by the Zhejiang province Shunjiang Group 舜江集团 (from 15 December 2017) offers an insight into how Chinese provincial enterprises understand Chinese foreign aid. The group is a […]